First Day Of High School

First rule of high school: Don’t talk about high school! (Okay, maybe just this once…)

For a lot of us, high school is that daunting step where you go from a small fish in a small pond, to a slightly larger fish in a much bigger pond.It introduces such freaky prospects as more homework, classes in different rooms and (unless it was discussed the year before) Sex Ed. It is the scariest step in schooling, but it can also lead to some of the best years of your life.First thing you should keep in mind on your first day is that no matter how cool a head your peers seem to have, they are most likely panicking as much as you are.

You are all in the same boat, so don’t think that you are alone.Remember, you won’t be judged for being new. No one will point you out and laugh in your face if you have a question. High school isn’t an overdramatised version of Mean Girls; everyone there is there for the same reason, so don’t be afraid to raise your hand for help.Going into high school will not be the easiest transition. It is very possible that friendship groups might split and you may be facing a class of few people you recognise. This does not mean the universe is trying to rip you from your friends. Rather, it is an opportunity to extend your social circle.A big part of your high school experience depends on the friends you surround yourself with. Now that there is a larger selection of potential besties in the playground, open yourself up to new people. You may even find a lifelong friend.It is a ridiculously clichéd suggestion that no matter how over used, is never wrong:

The best thing you can do on day one is to be yourself. Don’t try to shed the junior school you and play someone you’re not. You’d only be lying to your peers and teachers, and, more importantly, to yourself. You’re going to be in high school for a few good years; you would have a much happier time if you spent those years as the real you.High school is a kind of rite of passage. You walk away from your childhood in junior school, and prepare to face the early stages of becoming a young adult.

The first day may be scary, but it will lead to some of the happiest memories of your teenage life.You will learn so much, find so many great people and, best of all, you will develop who you are and what you want your future to be. It all begins with the first day