Easy Tips To Help You Transition To University

If you are reading this article it is very likely that 1) you are about to transition into university and 2) you’re looking for tips!

Fear not, young Padawans, for I am here to help.Having started my university journey last year I can safely say all the feelings you are currently experiencing are exactly what everyone else is feeling right now.I can also tell you that any feelings of doubt or fear will quickly fade as you realise that university is a really awesome place to be.If I was to give you my top five tips on transitioning to uni they would be the following:

1. Get around it!First mistake you can make going into uni is plunging your head into the books and telling yourself that if you don’t get an ‘A’ on each assignment you will forever fail at life. University is not VCE guys: You can relax (somewhat) and enjoy yourself! It would be a mistake to ignore all the social events, clubs and opportunities that university has to offer. Not only does getting involved allow you to make friends socially, it also allows you to form valuable networks for your working career at the end of your degree.

2. Seek help if you need it.Gone are the days where teachers will pester you for homework and ask if ‘you understand the question’. You have to push yourself. However! ‘Pushing yourself’ does not mean there is no one to help you along the way. Your lecturers and tutorial teachers are available to answer questions, so don’t be afraid to ask. The other great thing about uni is that most have departments dedicated to helping students with assignments and some will even proof your writing.

3. Use your rocks!No, not actual rocks, silly! I mean the people who ground you and people you can rely on for support. It is easy to want to move away from home in pursuit of independence and think you can do it all alone. Everyone deals with change differently and, for some, it can be a little overwhelming at first. Even if you are commuting and still living at home, at uni you no longer have the same familiarity with peers because people at uni are constantly coming and going. If things are getting a little hard – you’re stressed out or just not coping – look to the people who can encourage you and put thing into perspective. So many times after having a stressful day at uni, I would just ring home to mum to get it off my chest.

4. Own a diary. Srs.You think you can go without one? LOL. The single greatest weapon (in a non-literal sense dudes!) you can take into university is a diary. Particularly in the first and last few weeks of semester, you will be overwhelmed with important dates, and without the constant nagging of your teachers, mum and dad, and reminders from peers, it is easy for an assignment to creep up on you. If that happens, you may find yourself pulling frantic all-nighters that will certainly drain your energy and hopes for a decent mark. All -nighters work for some, but not many!

5. Give yourself a break!No one flies into uni knowing what’s up with everything. First-year is about getting your head in the game and no one expects that you’ll immediately know how to play. If your marks aren’t great at the start, don’t beat yourself up. The standards at uni may or may not be different to what you’re used to. Take a deep breath, pick yourself up and keep at it. Remember why you’re at uni and learn from every assignment you do. Persistence in first year is key.